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Currently Recording Album 3

In October 2017 I started recording my 3rd solo album.

Over the last 5 years, I have written and home demoed over 90 songs and arrived at even more starting points. There are several songs on the album that were started over 10 years ago.

I am recording the album with James Newhouse, who recorded my first album 'Love Was A Sad Song' in 2012. James is an extremely talented recording engineer and producer and I am very grateful to be working with him again in his country built studio.

As of mid January 2018, we have completed the drums, bass, guitar and piano/keyboard parts to 14 songs. In February we will start recording the vocals and harmonies.

The album will be worked on inbetween other projects and commitments and should be finished and avaliable around the middle of this year.

This album is already proving to be my most enjoyable and challenging musical experience to date.

Here are some photos of the recording so far.

James Newhouse is engineering and recording my album. I couldn't be happier he is working on my music again.

Recording a bass part on my well travelled and much loved Hofner Bass. I have been influenced by The Beatles from a young age and more prominently Paul McCartney. His bass playing is a big influence on me and I am excited to be doing all the bass parts on the album myself.

Bronton Ainsworth is playing the drum parts on my album. I have had the pleasure of playing music with Bronton for over 10 years in various bands and projects and I am very excited and grateful to have him lend his time and talent on my songs again. Bronton played on my first album in 2012 and I can't imagine a time where I wouldn't want to collaborate with him, both live and in the studio. He is enourmously talented and seeing him doing his drum tracks in the studio are always one of my favourite parts of the recording process.

Recording electric guitars

I will update again when we make more progress.

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