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'Peak Hour Rush' - New Single - April 2018

It’s been over 3 years since I have released new music and I‘m excited to share a brand new song and video, called ‘Peak Hour Rush’.

It’s the first single from my 3rd solo album, which will be available mid 2018.

The album will be called ‘Good Morning Sir, How Are You?’ and was written and inspired by over 10 years working on and off in various retail jobs.

Single and album launch details will be up soon.

See the video below:

Listen here

Buy here

About the song:

'Peak Hour Rush' is an urgent blast of crunching guitars and pulsating drums which provide a solid bed for lyrics that deal with the mundaneness and frustration of catching public transport, enroute to a job that is the bane of your existence'.

The video was fun to make. My girlfriend and I trekked off one morning on the train to get some shots of me during peak hour. In 2013, I lost my license for 6 months and had to take public transport everywhere. The only thing worse than being stuck on a bus in the peak hour rush was the job I was on my way to. I really enjoyed editing the video and although it is homemade and looks a bit amateur, it captures everything that reminds me of a certain time of my life.

Most of the songs on my new album, lyrically capture the intense, ever growing dread and annoyance I felt working in retail for so long. It was nice to retrace the journey for one morning while gathering the footage for this clip but I'm glad I didn't have to walk into work and say through gritted teeth 'good morning sir, how are you?'

I hope you enjoy the first taste of my 3rd solo album. I'm very excited to share my new music and even more grateful that you've read down this far.